Bei Gebäuden muss der Klimaschutz dreifach schneller werden. EWI und FiFo Köln haben ein Konzept entwickelt, um innovative Carbon Contracts for Difference (CCfDs) auch im sensiblen Wohnsektor einzusetzen. Klimaschutzverträge über einen CO2-Garantiefonds könnten zwei zentrale Hindernisse überwinden: Zu wenig Investitionen aufgrund von Preisunsicherheiten und zu hohe Förderkosten. Die Mobilisierung privaten Kapitals hilft zudem, die Schuldenbremse einzuhalten. Die Machbarbarkeitsstudie von Ewi und FiFo zum Download.

Creating a plenty of housing that meets the needs and tripling the speed of climate protection in the housing sector at the same time: In addition to many private investments, this will also require intensive government efforts. Here, the funding channels must be geared even more efficiently to achieving maximum "bang for the buck", explains Michael Thöne in his interview with the VdW magazine.

On the second day of the Online Finance Days 2021 of the Evangelische Akademie Loccum, Michael Thöne will speak on "Resilience and Reform - Tasks of the federal levels in the 2020s". Register here for the free digital conference.

As German guest at the Austrian Cities’ Assembly, Michael Thöne discusses the similarities and differences of both countries in the political handling of acute and chronic crises at the panel on municipal finances. The Austria Press Agency reports; the video stream is here.


Notwithstanding ongoing coalition talks, Olaf Scholz finds the time to discuss the core tasks and challenges of German public finances and government policy with Jens Bullerjahn, Ringo Wagner and Michael Thöne. Our special thanks for that! The conversation will be one of the (many) highlights of the upcoming FES book "Deutschland und sein Geld" (Germany and its Money), which will be published in 2022.


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