The Society for the Advancement of Research in Public Finance (Gesellschaft zur Förderung der finanzwissenschaftlichen Forschung e. V.) is a non-profit association based in Cologne. The society’s main task is to promote research in various fields of public finance and public sector economics. In particular it supports the operations of the FiFo Institute for Public Economics, University of Cologne. The society also serves as the legal subject and financial agent of the FiFo.

The financial and managerial support received via the society is of vital importance for the FiFo’s work – after all, a 'non-profit' research institution that relies entirely on market-financed, short-term projects would have no backing for ‘free’ research of public finance in the public interest. Combined with the variety of changing clients in market-financed research, the society’s assistance therefore guarantees the FiFo’s independence and ensures that 'long-term' research programmes geared to rational public finance are maintained.

The society currently has around thirty members, comprising private and public companies, professional and trade associations, town councils and individuals. The minimum membership fee is € 250 per year (individual members: € 50).

Dr. Michael Thöne is the Managing Director of the society.

The board of the society currently consists of the following people:


Dr. Rainer Kambeck (Chairman)
Federation of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce

Helmut Dedy
Association of German cities and towns

RA Alfons Kühn

Dr. Michael Thöne (Managing Director)

Christiane Weigand
Sparkasse KölnBonn

RA Berthold Wellling
Federation of German Industry

Advisory board

Prof. Dr. Felix Bierbrauer
Chair for public finance, University of Cologne

Prof. Dr. Johanna Hey
Institute "Finanzen und Steuern" e.V.

Klaus Kubik
Gelsenwasser AG

Prof. (em.) Dr. Klaus Mackscheidt

Dr. Michael Stückradt
Chancellor of the University of Cologne

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