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Growth effects of transport investments in Germany

Improvement of the quality of public finances is a central concern of German fiscal policy. Given restricted financial scope, beside "quantitative consolidation" (reduction of the public deficit with the goal of long term debt reduction) more attention should be attracted to "qualitative consolidation" in the future. The goal is redeployment and prioritization of public budgets to more effectiveness of growth and so finally future orientation of state activity. This topic also attracts the interest of international councils, e.g. EU or OECD. Economic literature mostly distinguishes between consumption and investment expenditures of the state. Infrastructure investments are considered as "good" expenditures, since they are growth-enhancing. Goal of this research project is to question this aspect exemplary by means of transport investments. The core issue is: Under which conditions transport investments can be seen as a growth-enhancing expenditure category?
Auftraggeber German Ministry of Finance (BMF)
Bearbeiter Dipl.-Vw. Frank Puschner, Dr. Christoph Walther, Dr. Michael Thöne, RA Dr. Roman Bertenrath
Status Completed
Wachstumswirksamkeit von Verkehrsinvestitionen: Zusammenfassung einer Studie des FiFo Köln und der PTV AG Karlsruhe.
In: Monatsbericht des BMF, Heft 3/2006, S. 71 - 78
Michael Thöne, Roman Bertenrath, Christoph Walther
Wachstumswirksamkeit von Verkehrsinvestitionen: Zusammenfassung (pdf, 93 KB)
Wachstumswirksamkeit von Verkehrsinvestitionen in Deutschland

FiFo-Bericht Nr.7, Mai 2006, Köln.

Abstract (30 KB)

Roman Bertenrath, Michael Thöne, Christoph Walther
FiFo-Bericht Nr.7 (pdf, 5 MB)