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On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Finance of Germany, the FiFo Institute for Public Economics at the University of Cologne, in cooperation with the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, has conducted a project on the EU own resources system. For a discussion of findings and conclusions, we held the symposium




Symposium with Wolfgang Schäuble, Kristalina Georgieva and Mario Monti

on Thursday, 14 January 2016, 19:00 – 22:00,  
at the North Rhine-Westphalia Representative Office to the EU
47 Rue Montoyer, B-1000 Brussels


hosted by


Michael Thöne                                  Thiess Büttner

FiFo-Managing Director                     FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg



The European Union’s system of own resources is under scrutiny. Since February 2014 a high-level group on own resources (HLGOR) comprised of ten members appointed by the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council has been reviewing strengths and limitations of the traditional system and alternatives for the future. As we are facing more and more new political challenges within the EU, it is evident that the discussion on a possible reform of the EU’s financing system also needs to incorporate the question of how the EU-budget could deliver more European added value. The symposium ‘The Future of EU Finances’ brought together central political actors, the HLGOR, and the academic community to highlight their various perspectives on the current discussions. The evening symposium, with Federal Minister of Finance of Germany Wolfgang Schäuble as main speaker as well as a high-level panel discussion, presented new insights on the design of the European Union’s system of own resources drawing on the latest academic research.





18:30     Admission. Welcome Reception

19:30     Welcome address by the Minister of Finance of North Rhine-Westphalia
               Norbert Walter-Borjans

19:40      Introduction and presentation of the research project “The Future of EU Finances” by the

                scientific director of the project and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board at the Federal

                Ministry of Finance Thiess Büttner

19:50      Speech “The Reform of the EU Finances”                  (read it: HERE)
                Federal Minster of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble

20:15     Panel Discussion


              Kristalina Georgieva, Vice-President of the European Commission, Commissioner for

               Budget & Human Resources

              Mario Monti, Chairman of the high-level group on own resources (HLGOR)

              Wolfgang Schäuble, Federal Minster of Finance of Germany

              Thiess Büttner, Project director and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board at the

               Federal Ministry of Finance

               Clemens Fuest, Member of the high-level group on own resources (HLGOR) and President

               of the Centre European Economic Research (ZEW)

21:00     Closing remarks
               Thiess Büttner

21:10     Reception




At the symposium, the report "The Future of EU Finances”, comprising eight papers from ten researchers, was be presented. The report – edited by Michael Thöne and Thiess Büttner - can be downloaded HERE.

Authors of the papers are: Massimo Bordignon (U Cattolica di Milano) and Simona Scabrosetti (U di Pavia); Thiess Büttner (U of Erlangen-Nuremberg), Friedrich Heinemann (ZEW Mannheim; U Heidelberg); Kai Konrad (Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance, Munich); Christos Kotsogiannis (U of Exeter Business School); Michael Thöne (FiFo Institute at U of Cologne); Christian Waldhoff (Humboldt-U Berlin); Alfons Weichenrieder (Goethe-U Frankfurt/M) and Vilen Lipatov (Compass Lexecon Brussels).









FiFo Policy-Fellows Konferenz am

28. und 29. November 2013 

Save the date –Tagungsankündigung




Erster Tag, 28.11.2013


Begrüßung FiFo

Felix Bierbrauer (Direktor FiFo Köln)


Key Note Address
Reform der Fiskalföderalismus in Deutschland

Rüdiger Messal (Staatssekretär Finanzministerium Nordrhein-Westfalen)

Föderalismusreformen – Anregungen aus dem Vergleich Deutschland – Schweiz

Gebhard Kirchgässner, U St. Gallen



Die Schuldenbremse in den Ländern und Kommunen

Eckhard Janeba (U Mannheim, ZEW)

Wie glaubhaft ist die Schuldenbremse?


Michael Thöne (FiFo Köln)

Durchsetzung der Schuldenbremse in den Bundesländern


Martin Junkernheinrich (TU Kaiserslautern, FiFo-Policy Fellow)

Anmerkungen zur kommunalen Schuldenbegrenzung aus finanzwissenschaftlicher Sicht


Aufgabenverteilung lokal bis EU – noch zeitgemäß?
Moderation:                   Hans Christian Müller-Dröge (Handelsblatt)


Kommunal:                   Gabriele C. Klug (Kämmerin Stadt Köln)
Land:                             Marcus Optendrenk (MdL NRW)

Academia:                    Martin Junkernheinrich (TU Kaiserslautern, FiFo-Policy Fellow)


Zweiter Tag, 29.11.2013

Besteuerung des Finanzsektors

Christian Kastrop (Bundesministerium der Finanzen, FiFo Policy-Fellow)

Besteuerung des Finanzsektors


Felix Bierbrauer (FiFo Köln)

Zur Besteuerung des Finanzsektors


Alterssicherung und demographischer Wandel


Johannes Clemens (Deutsche Bundesbank)

Alterssicherung und demographischer Wandel


Alexander Ludwig (FiFo Köln)

Aging in Europe: Reforms and behavioral Reactions




Räumlicher demografischer Wandel und Kommunalfinanzen


Thiess Büttner (U Nürnberg-Erlangen; FiFo Policy-Fellow)

Demographischer Wandel und Kommunalfinanzen


Anna Rauch und Caroline Goerl (FiFo Köln)

The race to the top in local tax policy



Aufbruch in die Euro-Union

Jakob von Weizsäcker (Thüringer Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Technologie, FiFo Policy-Fellow)

Aufbruch in die Euro-Union